Asset-Building in Native Communities

First Nations Development Institute provides information about asset-building in Native communities.

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First Nations Development Institute’s Native American Asset Watch Initiative is a comprehensive strategy for systemic economic change, which seeks to provide a range of support for efforts by Native communities to reclaim direct control of their assets and re-establish sustainable approaches to the use of land and natural resources.

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This report identifies promising practices in the development and sustainability of Native asset-building coalitions at the regional and state level. It is designed as a tool to assist tribes and Native-serving organizations in developing and sustaining Native asset-building coalitions.

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This publication provides an overview of the Native Asset Building Institute held in Prior Lake, Minnesota, October 5-6. The Native Asset-Building Institute is part of First Nations project, the Native Asset-Building Partnership Project (NABPP). The goal of the NABPP is to strengthen tribal and Native institutions through tribal nation-to-nation peer learning and model development that will lead to improved control and management of assets for the benefit of Native communities and individuals.

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In 2007, First Nations Development Institute published a 27-year retrospective which provides an overview of First Nations' development philosophy and original research on asset building strategies such as financial education, CDFIs, IDAs, Native philanthropy, and entrepreneurship development.

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First Nations was founded in 1980 with the mission to assist Native peoples to control and develop their assets, and through that control, build the capacity to direct their economic futures in ways that fit their cultures. Since inception, First Nations has been working in partnership with Native communities to implement a range of asset-building programs.

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