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Cooking Healthier with FDPIR Foods

A cookbook of recipes that use foods and ingredients included in the FDPIR (Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations) package. The recipes provide a healthier alternative for those who want and need to eat wholesome, nutritious and delectable meals. The cookbook was part of First Nations' "Nutrition Education for Native American Communities" project that was generously underwritten by the Walmart Foundation. First Nations partnered with the National Association of Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservation in the project.

Reference Guide for Community Food Assessments

This resource guide is a survey of topics you will encounter when assessing your food system. Current models of food systems are far more comprehensive than they were even a few years ago. While access to food and proximity to grocery stores have long been measures of the quality and effectiveness of a food system, new measures like health and other market-based measures are becoming increasingly popular.

A Conservation Planning Guide for Native American Ranchers

Keeping rangeland healthy and productive is an important part of ranching. As a result, ranchers increase herd health, production and profitability while protecting the ecosystem and wildlife for future generations, a goal for many ranchers. The development of a conservation plan provides the roadmap for ranchers to accomplish that goal.  It provides a long-term vision and implementation process to follow to get each acre of land as healthy and productive as possible and keep it that way.

Blackfeet Reservation Community Food Security and Food Sovereignty Assessment

Prepared by Marissa McElrone, this document was created for the use of FAST Blackfeet (Food Access and Sustainability Team) to further its mission of supporting community strengths, culture and wellness by developing local, sustainable systems that provide healthy food access and education at every age,for all who need it. First Nations Development Institute has posted this with permission of FAST Blackfeet.


Food Sovereignty Assessment Tool - 2nd Edition

This newly revised, second edition of the highly popular Food Sovereignty Assessment Tool provides an introduction to the food security movement in Indian Country.  It is a great resource to use to get people thinking about food systems in Native communities and what can be done to regain control over those Native food systems.

Native Food System Fact Sheets (Series 2)

A series of 12 Fact Sheets from First Nations Development Institute dealing with Native food system topics such as food policy, food hubs, farm-to-school programs, farmers’ markets and others.

The Power of the Tribal Dollar: Highlighting the Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project’s Food-Purchasing Program

This report details how the Muckleshoot Tribe in Washington, through a collective purchasing program, has begun to realize significant savings in food costs while giving the tribe more leverage over vendors to provide healthier and culturally-appropriate foods

Conducting Food Sovereignty Assessments in Native Communities: On-the-Ground Perspectives

A collection of essays that facilitates the use and effectiveness of First Nations' Food Sovereignty Assessment Tool (FSAT). It offers stories, experiences and tips from individuals who have successfully conducted food assessments in their communities.

Why a Model Food and Agriculture Code Is Needed In Indian Country

This report discusses the need for tribal governments to adopt model food and agriculture codes in order to encourage and support their food and agriculture sectors.

Maneuvering Challenges: An Overview of Food Safety For Tribal Producers

Food safety law greatly impacts localized food production and handling, including that of tribal nations. This guide provides a clear overview of safety laws and regulations.


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