NA Foods and Health - Resources

Native Foods and Health Fact Sheets (Series 1)

A series of 12 Fact Sheets from First Nations Development Institute dealing with Native foods and health, including food sovereignty, diabetes, heart disease, federal food programs and eating healthy. 

Food Sovereignty Assessment Tool - 1st Edition

This publication provides an introduction to the food security movement in Indian Country, and provides a resource for thinking about food systems in Native communities and what can be done to regain control of Native food systems.

Native Food and Agriculture Resource Manual

This updated resource manual provides information on 68 U.S. Department of Agriculture programs that will assist you in the development of Native agriculture and food systems projects. These programs provide federal funding for a range of projects to support Native agriculture.

Salmon Marketing: Tribal Fisher's Handbook

This publication by the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (a grantee of First Nations Development Institute) addresses improving the quality and safety of tribally harvested salmon through sanitation and proper handling.

Farm-to-School Programs: A Guide for Creating a Farm-to-School Program in an Indigenous Community

White Earth Land Recovery Project (WELRP) on the White Earth Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota, recently completed a great new guide for establishing farm-to-school programs in Native communities.


First Nations Knowledge Webinar Series

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