Board Member

Monica Nuvamsa

Member of the Board

Monica Nuvamsa (Hopi) is Executive Director of The Hopi Foundation. Monica is a member of the Water Cloud Clan from the Village of Songoopavi.

Susan S. White

Former Member of the Board - In Memoriam
(Oneida Nation of Wisconsin)

(Note: First Nations mourns Susan White's passing in June 2018.)

Benny Shendo

Chairman of the Board
(Jemez Pueblo)

Benny Shendo, Jr. is a member of the Jemez Pueblo Tribe. He was elected Chairman of the Board of First Nations Development Institute in June 2016 after serving many years as a Board member.

Gelvin Stevenson

Member of the Board

Chandra Hampson

Member of the Board
(Winnebago/White Earth Chippewa)

Shyla Sheppard


B. Thomas Vigil

Chairman Emeritus
(Jicarilla Apache/Jemez Pueblo)

Michael E. Roberts

President & CEO

Michael Roberts returned to First Nations Development Institute in 2003, and was appointed president by the board in 2005. He previously had served as chief operating officer for the organization until 1997.